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Pay attention to these advices, before thinking about consuming alcoholic beverages...

Do not drink alcoholic beverages:

o    If you are not of legal age (18) to do so.

o    If you are driving any type of vehicle (motorized or not)

o    In the execution of work tasks in companies or even domestic ones, especially those whose consumption of alcoholic beverages can seriously contribute to the risk of accidents and that even put at risk of life, both personal and third parties. 

o    If you suffer from diseases whose pathologies are contraindicated for the consumption of alcoholic beverages

o    If you are being medicated. 

When drinking alcoholic beverages: 

o    Avoid making alcoholic drink mixes.

o    Take breaks from drinking alcohol with drinks free of alcohol (exp) water.

o    Do not let yourself be influenced by incitement to the exaggerated consumption of alcoholic beverages (exp, gambling etc.).

o    Do not consume alcoholic beverages on an empty or underfed stomach.

o    Always drink in moderation, trying to maintain the necessary clarity, so that you can consciously decide when to stop drinking alcoholic beverages.