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<h3><span class="tm6"><strong>Cutty Sark</strong> is a mixed scotch whisky brand, founded in 1923 by Berry Bros. &amp; Rudd. Named after the legendary Tea Clipper ship – the fastest ship of its days – <strong>Cutty Sark is</strong> one of the world's most recognised Scotch whia. The brand is now owned by The Erdington Group. </span>It all started in 1923 when Francis Berry and Hugh Rudd, one of his partners at Berry Bros. &amp; Rudd, founded in 1698, decided to produce a "better whiskey than anyone who could buy on the market". Thus was born <strong>Cutty Sark</strong> Blended Scotch Whisky, an original style of whisky developed specifically for international markets and produced with the finest malts and grain whiskies of the Scottish Speyside region. Traditionally, the whiskeys of the time were dark, <strong>but Cutty Sark</strong> was revolutionary given its naturally light color. It was a Scottish artist named James McBey, who suggested for the new whisky the name of "<strong>Cutty Sark</strong>", as well as the fastest and most famous Scottish sailboat carrying tea, launched into the sea in Dumbarton on 22 November 1869.</h3> <p></p>
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