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<h3 style="text-align:center;"><strong><span class="tm6">THE LEGEND OF HIGHLANDER</span></strong></h3> <h3 style="text-align:left;"><span class="tm7"> <strong>William Lawson's attitude,</strong>also known as The Highlander, towards life was NOT RULES. And creating a very fine drink, <strong>GREAT SCOTCH.</strong> From the countless stories, we know he was different. They say that 'polite society' wasn't exactly their natural home. The millions of "proper" rules and ways of doing things always intrigued him. The biggest mystery for Lawson... "Why does a good whiskey have to be so snobby and cost the land?" The smell, swallow, talk of notes of fruit and leather... That's bullshit! </span>Handmade? All whiskey is handmade, try doing without your hands! Aged 20 years in an old barrel? That doesn't make it a better whiskey! They say he made his own whiskey, as simple and rule-breaking as he did. The result: the true Highlander spirit in a bottle. Inspired by William's legacy, we still make our scotch in Macduff, and we do it our way. You won't find macduff distillery on a postcard, it wasn't built to be beautiful, it was built to make Great Scotch. Whiskey with teeth ... and balls. Forged, not manufactured. Big, bold and absolutely smokeless... This scotch is for drinking. As you wish! Direct or with glue. Damn, try it with apple juice... It doesn't matter! Lawson's is perfectly balanced. Like the Great Scotch should be.</h3> <p></p>
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