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<h3 style="text-align:justify;"><span class="tm6">In 1994 three of the children of the Meireles Family, Frederico, Afonso and Manuel, winemaker, agricultural and military technician, respectively, decided to boost the small farm of the family located in the Douro in Beira Grande-Carrazeda de Ansiães understood that with the "silver of the house" they met conditions to carry forward a motivating project in the wine aspect. And that's what happened. </span>Soon that year they restructured the small Family Winery, take advantage of the lagares to vinify the reds and equip the winery with modern technology for the production of whites. The results were fast, in the first harvest, 1995, in the 1st Douro House Competition-achieved a first place in whites and a second in reds, from then on their wines, namely the white Grambeira , have won a place of reference in the Region.</h3> <h3 style="text-align:justify;"></h3> <p></p>
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